Roskilde festival & Muhamad Yunus

July 2009

Dr. Muhammad Yunus on Orange stage at Roskilde Festival

During the spring and summer of 2009, my main focus was helping Allan Alfred create collaboration between COWI, Roskilde festival and Dr. Muhammad Yunus. The idea was to try to promote Yunuses message of microfinance as a way of helping small businesses grow. We managed to get Yunus to speak at Roskilde Festivals orange stage for over 80.000 people. Along with the event, we created a hype by having a “Fight for Future” battle stage at the camp area, did a VIP dinner for COWI and launched the message to over 92 medias. The project was run by volunteers and ended the next day with the opening of the first Danish microfinance foundation for supporting entrepreneurs.

During the Project I was Head of PR and Communication, I helped with everything from designing the event to developing the graphics. We managed to get the news onto the major Danish TV channels, Tv2 Finans, and some of the well known radio stations along with articles in Politiken, Berlinske, Information, Roskilde lokal avis, and on lots of Internet pages as ex. Musikplakaten.

To make it all happen we also worked with the bank Oikos, Brøchner hotels, CO2 E-race, and soupanatural.



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