Design Packages

How quickly do you judge a website?

Today we have a million choices served to us on the web. More often then we know, people discard a website because it fails to appeal to them visually. Since the dawn of time we have been making decisions of liking or appalling within seconds. Which means that the visual communication is of utmost importance. Not only is the web a visual medium, but research have also shown that beautiful design makes is easier to use and makes people more found of the it.

But good design and visuality is more then mere beauty and ”makeup”. It is an expression of a culture, a set of values and a core of belief. As the old quote says: A picture says more then a thousand words!

Do you know what you are saying and communication through your visual expressions?

Would you like to feel confident that it is expressing the right message?

If so let me help you!

I do freelance assignments as my favorite hobby and can create:
Web awareness:

–       Websites

–       Logo / visual identity Inc. Thumbnails for Facebook and favicons

–       Email footer design

–       Personalized webmail

–       Visuality and layout for e-mail campaigns

–       Business card design

–       Flyer design

–       Web based (Inc. I pad) magazine design – want your own magazine?

–       Facebook fan page design

–       Simple apps for iPhone

–       Invitations

–       Menu cards

–       Ad design and banners

–       Book layout

I can also assist you with tools for tracking success rates, viewing statistics and stats for campaigns, website, mail campaigns ect.

Want a price ( Im very fair) please contact me at

+45 42205171

Want to see some of my work?

An example of webpage, visual logo/ identity, thumbnail for facebook/ vimeo and favicon.



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